PCB Clone

Fu-Hsing Technologies came into existence 6 years ago as a PCB Clone and PCB copy Service Provider in China and India. We are an organization that is most effective and compelling in our solutions related to Multilayer PCB plan, PCB Layout, PCB duplicate, PCB Clone, Dechipher IC, programming creating, model troubleshooting and assembling, unit generation and large scale manufacturing, OEM, SMT, ODM, testing et cetera.

We have a strong team of programming and equipment engineers with years of involvement in innovation improvement and PCB outline. Whatever it's two-sided sheets, multilayer sheets or high recurrence sheets, we can give the services that include PCB copy, PCB changing, schematic graph outlining, PCB design, BOM list making, model manufacturing(including investigating), the group handling of completed item, specialized bolster, quality certification of PCB generation, as per the necessities of our clients.

Subsequently, we as a leading PCB Copy and PCB clone Service Provider spare your expense for the improvement and drawing outline, and meanwhile. We will also help you meet the following things - purchasing the rare parts, supplanting of the gadgets with perfect capacity, the configuration for sign source and testing outline and so forth. We are furnishing top-quality and superb services with minimal efforts left for clients. We genuinely believe in a different, high-recurrence relationship with you!.